The Pre-Call Sales Strategy Your Sales People Are Missing

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You’ve instilled the importance of a pre-call sales strategy in your sales people, but they are missing a key component. Listen to this episode of the Sales Management Minute to learn what they are missing and how to make your sales people more effective.

Do you know how much companies spent on your product last year? I do…

You don’t believe me, do you? After all, I probably don’t even know you personally. Go ahead. Write down what you believe companies spent on your product…industry-wide. And, I’ll just write down my number here. Ready to share? I’ll go first… Zero!

Companies don’t buy anything… People do!

Salespeople often forget that and only perform pre-call research on the corporate entity. The real secret to selling success is mastering your buying players – the people who influence the buying decision for your product. For example, if in your business, your salespeople call on CFOs, when is the last time your salespeople researched the key issues plaguing CFOs? Do your salespeople know CFO language so they can communicate using CFO terms?

Connecting the dots…What CFO issues have your salespeople identified that are addressed by your product? It’s what I refer to as synergy… the connection between your solution and the problems this buying player is experiencing.

Finally, why should the CFO tackle this problem right now? also known as priority.


Synergy gets deals into the pipeline. Priority gets them to come out the other side.

You’ll be amazed by the results when your salespeople start profiling buying players as part of their pre-call sales strategy.

See you next time on the Sales Management Minute.

Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist specializing in helping companies build scalable, high-performance sales organizations through hiring the right salespeople, effectively onboarding them, and aligning their sales activities with business objectives through process, metrics and compensation. He is the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects, Business Expert Webinars and The Revenue Accelerator. Lee has authored several books including award-winning,  best-seller “Hire Right, Higher Profits.” He is a results-driven sales management consultant and a passionate, dynamic speaker . Lee can be reached at lsalz@SalesArchitects.net or 763.416.4321.