I find myself revisiting knowledge that I gained from Soar! and applying it effectively in my business dealings, and am witnessing how it works (and it really does!).
Drew Sachs, Vice President, James Lee Witt Associates
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Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager

leeBusinesses are suffering enormous pain from underperforming sales teams. This issue isn’t due to the recent economic challenges, but rather due to the lack of recognition that sales management is a specialized skill.

Companies are infamous for “promoting” their top sales person to sales management without training, mentoring, or monitoring. The fact is that this isn’t a promotion, but rather a job change. Thus, many sales managers are placed in roles without the tools to succeed. They do, however, still hold their sales team accountable for delivering results.

That’s where this book comes in! Sales management strategist, Lee B. Salz tackles this issue head-on in his award-winning, widely acclaimed book Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager. Many have the misconception that you can hire great salespeople and they will sell successfully without any tools or support systems. This is rarely the case. Yet, many sales managers do not have the skill set to create these requisite systems. This knowledge gap is the true cause of underperforming sales teams.

“The sales gap is resulting in billions of dollars in lost opportunity.”

Soar! bridges the gap between sales managers and their sales teams by empowering sales peoplewith the tools create their own sales architecture® when it has not been provided to them. From organizing a sales territory, to developing a needs analysis strategy, to analyzing buying players, to designing a handling concerns guide, this book provides you with everything you need to succeed in sales … without relying on the company to provide it for you.

This book isn’t just for salespeople. It is also for sales managers to help them develop a sales architecture (success sales framework) for their sales teams leading to consistent, scalable results.

The title may have made you chuckle, but there is nothing funny about sales teams that do not meet their goals. Remember, the dodo became extinct due to its inability to adapt to the environment. This book helps sales managers and salespeople avoid the same risk of extinction.