Soar Testimonial

Lee Salz is a leading sales management authority for a reason - he identifies what his clients need and he gets results.
Kristin Osborne, President, Kensington PR
Lee’s book Soar! will reinvigorate your sales career!
Paul Nolan, Editor-In-Chief, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine
I find myself revisiting knowledge that I gained from Soar! and applying it effectively in my business dealings, and am witnessing how it works (and it really does!).
Drew Sachs, Vice President, James Lee Witt Associates
Reading Soar! and following its program is like giving a sales career a shot of high-octane adrenaline!
Jim Schoonover, Chief Marketing Officer, MEDTOX Scientific, Inc.
If your sales manager isn’t providing value, Soar! certainly will. The sales architecture presented is practical and proven.
Clayton Shold, President, Salesopedia
The system Lee teaches -- he calls it sales architecture --is one that you don't need a sales manager to help you implement… In fact, if you're not careful, you'll probably end up BEING the Sales Manager if you learn and apply this stuff.
Bill Guertin, CEO, The 800-Pound Gorilla
Lee’s mentoring style guides you through a planning process for developing your territory, navigating your way through accounts, presenting, and dealing with the unexpected. Using his sales architecture methodology, you’re sure to adapt and thrive.
Tina LoSasso - Managing Editor, SalesDog.com
Below the dodo sales managers are dodo reps who won't take responsibility for their own success. Don't adapt dangerous dodo thinking. Get this book and discover how to fly above ground bound performers and beyond your present sales success.
Dan Seidman, President, SalesAutopsy.com
Lee Salz fills in the gap when your sales manager isn’t giving you what you need and gets you back in control of your career.
Jill Konrath, bestselling author
Lee details, in no uncertain terms, what today’s sales professionals need to know: how to win at this lonely, challenging profession even when your boss does little or nothing to help you...or even keeps getting in your way.
Ken Lizotte, Chief Imaginative Officer, Emerson Consulting Group, Inc.
Lee does a great job of breaking down the buying process into tasks that are easily understood and executed.
Robert Deigh, author of How Come No One Knows About Us?
Any B2B sales person who follows Lee’s methodology is bound to sell more effectively.
Gordon Graham, Editor, SoftwareCEO.com
Lee, where were you 20 years ago when I started my career? If I had known you then, I would have eliminated a ton of mistakes and my income would have been a lot higher!
Sam Richter, President, James J. Hill Reference Library and author “Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling”
I have worked with Lee for a number of years and have found his knowledge of the sales process to be head and shoulders above most sales managers I speak with. His newsletter is packed with useful information and I recommend it highly!
Harris Cohen, Managing Partner, PrincetonOne