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I was one of the first people in the United States to own a BlackBerry.

I’ll never forget the first conversation I had with the BlackBerry salesperson. He said, “Lee, get this: email on the go! People will be able to send you a message and you will be able to send back a response. How cool is that? Forget those pagers that beep and you have to call someone on the telephone. You’ll have two-way communication at your fingertips.”

This was a compelling story, which is why I had a BlackBerry strapped to my belt the very first day the devices were available in the U.S.

Imagine that same salesperson calling on me today with that same pitch.

I’d think he was crazy. Why? The PDA device (which has evolved further into the smartphone) is an accepted part of the business professional’s toolkit. We bought into the “email-on-the-go” concept long ago. What question is on our minds today? Which smartphone is right for me? After all, the market is flooded with these devices with varying features and functions.

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Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist specializing in helping companies build scalable, high-performance sales organizations through hiring the right salespeople, effectively onboarding them, and aligning their sales activities with business objectives through process, metrics and compensation. He is the Founder and CEO of Sales Architects, Business Expert Webinars and The Revenue Accelerator. Lee has authored several books including award-winning,  best-seller “Hire Right, Higher Profits.” He is a results-driven sales management consultant and a passionate, dynamic speaker . Lee can be reached at or 763.416.4321.