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Moving from the East Coast to Minneapolis, I’ve discovered an entirely new definition for the expression “cold winters.” It’s not uncommon for actual temperatures to stay subzero for the entire month of January. Compound that with brutal wind chills, being outside during winter here is downright harsh.

Of course, the temperature is only part of the story. Minneapolis also receives plenty of snow between November and May. Homeowners are left with two choices to deal with snow removal. They can either buy a snowblower or hire a contractor to remove the snow.

Like I said before, I’m from the East Coast and have no interest in pushing around a snow blower in this climate. Given that, I went online and found a website that would provide up to five snow removal contractor bids. The scope of the service I needed was simply to remove snow from the driveway, sidewalk, and front-door walkway. There was nothing unique or special about what I needed.

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