We have contracted with Lee time and time again to deliver virtual masterclasses for our lead generation programs. Why do we continue to contract with Lee for these programs? He delivers dynamic, energetic, educational programs for our sales audiences and receives rave reviews! He has the rare ability to captivate, motivate, and engage virtual audiences. It is hard for us to find speakers who, not only deliver top content, but can deliver it effectively in a virtual environment – and Lee masters it!
Lyle R. Johnson, Ph.D., MBA, President, L R Johnson, Inc, LasVegas, NV
Harlan Goerger’s proven Leadership Keys are the foundation upon which to build a prosperous enterprise. However, as Harlan points out in this interesting and concise chapter, most business owners and managers don’t use them … or mis-use them. Leadership is Leadership; the information in this chapter is applicable to Fortune 500 managers and to the sole proprietorship. I highly recommend reading this as anyone putting the 5 Keys to work will gain an unbelievable edge over the competition.
Joe Elphick, President - 3C Packaging
Myrna’s process, simply put, is incredible! It is streamlined, it is concise and I have no doubt, it works.
Celine Schein, Executive Director, Chitresh Das Dance Company, San Francisco, CA
Often the idea of risk management inspires fear. However, with Peg it’s not about paranoia, but rather about assessing what the potential risks are and the realistic steps one’s organization can take to minimize the risk and maximize effectiveness. If you can’t work with her directly, I highly recommend her books and webinars.
Jim Browning, President & CEO, Lifestyle Architecture™ North America Inc
Dr. Richard Norris has done it again. His thought provoking insight, questions and supportive giving are right on. I have been giving and supporting my network, now I can leverage that giving even more. As a business leader searching for the correctly aligned clients and partners, I have been able to implement this strategy and it has been extremely successful.
Cathleen Clifford-Cordes, Office Manager, London Chimney Sweeps, LTD.
Sarah Day has taken the guess work out of pricing. She provides directives that are clear and precise and I really appreciate the examples that she has included. She has affirmed that consumers are still looking for quality in a product and integrity in the work that’s being done. Money and pricing are important, yes, but it’s the value and service that’s given that truly makes for profitable small business. Sarah Day understands this.
Eric Fraser, Project Manager, Marketing Communications, Filemaker
Even after producing, promoting, and presenting web seminars for the past year, I still learned some good techniques that we can start to use immediately.
Pamela Grover, Owner, IHateScrapping.com
The light bulb went off as I read Sarah’s chapter on pricing strategies! As a business owner who is setting price expectations in a relatively new market, I learned that proper analysis of key information is essential in determining our profitability. And knowing our profitability, along with some other factors that Sarah shares, will help us to determine our initial pricing strategy.
Paul Nolan, Editor-in-Chief, SalesforceXP Magazine
Lee Salz’ sales compensation chapter provides an effective compensation strategy that is instantly actionable and easily measured
Kevin Munsterman, President, K M Network Services, Inc.
I learned the importance of “paying myself first” before deploying subcontractors for billable work. It helped me boost my profitability and increase my productivity.
Betsy Buckley, President and Chief Rainmaker, WHAT MATTERS, Using EveryDayRain™
I’d put Sam Richter in the top ten, worldwide, of people who "get" how to create genuinely value-based business relationships. Sam is all about substance.
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Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success



The life of a small business owner can be lonely. You work around the clock just to survive – it often feels like you need to come up with all of the answers yourself. Until now!

Today’s business thought leaders have created the Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success providing you with actionable information, you can implement right now. From increasing revenue, to improving quality, to managing costs, this book is the true handbook for the small business owner.

You will discover: